Multilingual Website Artifact
Based on AI neural network technology, launch a multi-language website in 1 minute!
Just 4 steps to make a single language website second multilingual website
First Step
Add Source website (support Mall website)
Second Step
Set up a translation station (language, currency, etc.)
Third Step
Deploy multilingual plug-ins to make language switching easier
The Fourth Step
Not satisfied with the results of automatic translation, you can also edit manually

Significantly improve translation efficiency
Using excellent AI Neural Network Translation Technology to be Fast and accurate

Fast brother eight uses excellent AI neural network translation technology, can quickly and efficiently translate web content into a specified language. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, the quality of machine translation is also improving rapidly. When translating Chinese into English, if the full score is 10, the excellent manual translation quality is generally about 8.5 points, while the neural network translation quality can reach 7.2 points! Although there will be some mistakes in grammar, there is no problem reading at all. AI technology allows you to quickly have a reliable multilingual website! In addition, the company also provides visualization tools to support you to make the necessary revisions to the results of AI translation.

Cloud service, no need to download and install
Based on Alibaba Cloud, stable and reliable hardware and network infrastructure

Quick Starling provides a cloud translation service, which means you can get a multi-language website based on neural network-based AI translation within 5 minutes without downloading and installing any software. Once deployed, Quick Star will provide you with a 24/7 stable translation hosting service. You don't need to buy any more servers or hardware at all.

Core Features

Simple And Fast
Using excellent AI neural network translation technology, can help you open a multilingual website in 5 minutes, saving you the tedious and complex process of building the station.

Be system friendly to the mall
Brother Kuaiba is also very friendly to the mall system. Through the multilingual mall website generated by the fast eight brothers, the commodity currency will be converted according to the real-time exchange rate, which can effectively enhance the attractiveness of the mall and help increase the number of orders placed by users.
Precise And Efficient
In the past five years, machine translation technology represented by neural networks has developed rapidly, and the quality of machine translation has been greatly improved. Although there may be errors in the grammar, it basically provides readable and accurate translation results. Fast Starling, let you quickly have a reliable multi-language website in a very short time!
Support Manual Editing
If you are not satisfied with some of the results of the artificial intelligence translation, Quick Star also provides a visual editing tool, you can manually correct the translation results.

Language switching widget visualization
Quick Starling offers several different types of multi-language switch widgets that you can add to your site by copying a JS code. You can also manage the effects of this pendant with a visual tool.

Support the world's mainstream languages
More than 200 languages, comprehensive coverage

Fast Starling system supports translation in more than 200 languages, including: English, French, Russian, German, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Danish, Irish, Greek, Dutch , Turkish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Bengali, Filipino, Malay, Vietnamese, etc.It can meet the multi-language construction needs of the vast number of webmasters!

It is beneficial to the construction of mall system.
Currency is converted at real-time exchange rate, easy to buy and accessible

Who says the mall system doesn't do much language?
Kuaoguo has been optimized for the mall system, especially to solve the problem of currency real-time exchange rate conversion, which has been puzzling for a long time. In every multilingual mall created by Brother Gao, each language version of the website can have different monetary units, which greatly enhances customer confidence in buying and helps to increase website sales.

Significantly increase website conversion rate
Multi-language website for more enquiries and orders

According to World Internet Research, only 27 per cent of global online users are English-speaking users; 85 per cent of online users only place orders on their native language sites. Therefore, it is necessary to create a multilingual website. The AI neural network translation technology used by Kuaiba can help you build a multilingual website in 5 minutes. You can quickly communicate with customers in different regions in your native language website, win customers' love and favor more quickly, and bring more inquiries and orders.