Free to use for a variety of applications
Free Version
Suitable for all kinds of entry-level usage scenarios, free forever
Package detailed parameter comparison

Free Version
Basic Version
Standard Edition
Advanced Version
Number of translation languages
Number of translation languages supported
1 Species
1 Species
2 Kinds
5 Species
10 Kinds
Does the language station support HTTPS certificates, no need to
Not Support
Stand By
Stand By
Stand By
Stand By
Translation Engine Link
"Translation engine" in the language switch button, paid version can be hidden
DefaultCan Be HiddenCan Be HiddenCan Be HiddenCan Be Hidden
AI translation text limit
Maximum number of automatically translated text in all languages
30,000100,000200,00010000002 Million
Fast Starling Service Process
Step 1 Register Login

If you are interested in the multilingual website creation service offered by Fast Starling, you canRegister an account online.

Step 2 add a Web site

Then you can log in to the background through the registered account, according to the page promptAdd Source Site(support for mall website, currency conversion at real-time exchange rate),Set up a translation station.

Step 3 Install JS-Custom Pendant

When the site is set up, you canCustomize the style, location, etc. of multi-language switch pendants. The system automatically generates a JS, based on your settings. You install the JS on the site according to the page instructions, and a multilingual pendant appears on the site.
Step 4 Website Preview

You can click on the multi-language pendant on the webpage.Browse web pages in different languages. If you are not satisfied with some of the translation results, you can go to the background to manually edit the correction.

Step 5 Upgrade to a paid plan

If the free version doesn't meet your needs, you can browse the price package page and choose the package that suits you for a paid upgrade.

Step 6 After-sales service & free updates

If you have any questions during the operation, you can always ask for customer service.Quick Starling is committed to providing you with comprehensive and effective after-sales support.. In addition, the fast gossip is updated every iteration, you can enjoy free updates of product services during the service period.

Common Problem
Last Updated On 2018/08/21
Fast Starling system supports translation in more than 200 languages, including: English, French, Russian, German, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Danish, Irish, Greek, Dutch , Turkish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Bengali, Filipino, Malay, Vietnamese, etc.
Almost all websites are available, you can try it for free before purchasing a paid version!
Brother fast eight uses excellent AI neural network translation technology, which can meet the multilingual website translation needs of the majority of webmasters. Of course, if you are not satisfied with some of the translation results, Kuaiba also supports manual editing and correction.
An English letter, space, punctuation, or a Chinese character is a character. The translated results are automatically cached and will not be doubled unless you manually clear them.

No requirements! Regardless of the type of server your website is hosted on, you can use the Quick Stars system to quickly build a multilingual website that belongs to you.
At present, brother fast eight only supports first-level domain names and second-level domain names.
All versions except the free version are used on the HTTPS website. You do not need to upload an HTTPS certificate, the system will automatically generate an HTTPS certificate.
Real-name certification is a rule based on national laws and regulations to prevent illegal elements from publishing or distributing illegal or harmful website content.
Alipay, WeChat, bank remittance, etc. are all supported.
Upgrading from the free version to the paid version is easy. You can upgrade from the free version to the paid version at any time by simply logging in and clicking the upgrade button in the background.
As long as you click the End button in the background, you can terminate it at any time. Our unreasonable refund period is one month, and you cannot apply for a refund for more than one month.
Package Usage Limit
1. One account under a maximum of 1 free version of the site, if you need more than one different free site, register multiple accounts can;
2. Real-name authentication is required for each account(Mobile phone verification), multi-language websites before real-name authentication is not available for public access;
3. Website traffic can be purchased separately, the price is 1 yuan for 1G traffic;
4. All packages support upgrade, the difference can be replenished when upgrading; the package can also be downgraded, but the package is downgraded without refunding the price difference, please take care before you take a photo;
5. Fast Starling Support30-day no reason refund policy, no refund for more than 30 days!