User Manual

Welcome to the fast myna!

Fast Starling is a multi-language artifact. It is based on powerful neural network translation technology that allows you to quickly get a multi-language website. A multi-language website not only enhances the trust of existing customers in your business or products, but also attracts many potential users. It helps you expand your overseas market, expand your sales channels, and bring in more enquiries and orders. .

Instructions For Use:

1. Register and log in to the fast brother

Click [Manage Website] to enter the background of the website;

2. Add the source website and set up the translation station

1) Click [Add New Website]

Note that the source site to be translated is the one to be added., enter the website domain name, select the website language, click [confirm]

When you add a good source website ( is added here), click OK and the following prompt will appear on the web page. Click [Set Translation Website] and select [Translation Management]

2) Click [Create Translation Station]

In the box that appears, select the desired translation language, select the server location of the translation station (China/Hong Kong SAR), and click [Confirm]

For example, Xiaoba has a translation language selection [English], server location selection [Hong Kong SAR], click [confirm]

3. Modify the DNS record to configure the website CNAME

At this point, the system will remind you to modify the DNS record for CNAME configuration. Click [Copy] to correspond to CNAME and go to the platform where your domain registration is registered.

When you configure the CNAME, refresh it and the page will display the "Configure Correct" prompt:

At this point, your translation station is complete, you can click [Access] to preview;

The following picture is a preview of the English website of

Of course, if you want to modify some of the translation results, it is ok. Click [Visual Translation Management]

Click [Open Manual Correction]

By selecting the text content (such as Registered), you can manually modify its translation. Fast Starling also supports your modification of the website TDK (Title, Description, Keywords).

4. Deploy language switching plugin

Once you've manually corrected the translation site (you can skip it), you can deploy the language switch plugin to your site. Click [Deploy Language Switch Plugin]

1) Set the plugin style:Display style (flag/drop-down box/flag and drop-down box), open window (current window/open new window) and flag size, the right side can see the preview effect of the plug-in;

2) Set the plugin location:Positioning method (absolute positioning / CSS selector). I suggest you chooseAbsolute PositioningBecause it doesn't require any code knowledge, you can set the location of the plugin directly by dragging and dropping. Select [Absolute Positioning] and click [Open Visual Locator]

In the open page, drag the plugin and move it to where you want it to be;

3) Copy the plugin code

Copy the plugin code, place it in your website tab or tab, and click [Save Changes].If you don't know how to deploy the code, you can consult the fast cousin customer service.

At this point, you can revisit the website and you will be able to see the multi-language plugin. A multi-language website is created like this!