User Manual

Welcome to the fast myna!

Fast Starling is a multi-language artifact. It is based on powerful neural network translation technology that allows you to quickly get a multi-language website. A multi-language website not only enhances the trust of existing customers in your business or products, but also attracts many potential users. It helps you expand your overseas market, expand your sales channels, and bring in more enquiries and orders. .

Instructions For Use:


1. Register and log in to the fast brother

Click[manage Website], enter the backstage of the website;

2. Add the source website and set up the translation station

Click[add a new website]

Note that what you want to add is the source site that needs to be translated, enterWebsite Domain Name, ChooseWebsite Language(If it is a mall website, you can choose currencyClick [confirm]

When you add a good source site (here is added), click OK, the page will appear the following page. Click [close] and select[translation Management]

Click[create a translation language]

In the bullet box that appears, selectThe required translation language, (If it is a mall, you can choose the currency you want to convert),Multilingual Display Sequence, Click [confirm]

For example, Xiao Ba here selects the translation language [English], leaves the corresponding currency blank, fills in [2] in the order of display, and clicks [confirm]

3. Deployment language switching plug-in

At this point, the system pop up the following interface and click[deployment language switching plug-in]

1) Set Plug-in Style

Setting UpDisplay style (suspended display / flag and drop-down box / plain text), you can see the preview effect of the plug-in on the right;

2) set the plug-in location

Positioning mode. It is recommended that you choose absolute positioning because it does not require any code knowledge and you can set the location of the plug-in directly by dragging and dropping. Select absolute Positioning, click Open Visual Locator,

In the open page, drag the plugin and move it to where you want it to be;

3) Copy the plugin code

Copy the plug-in code, put it in your Web site < header > tab, and then click [save changes]. If you do not know how to deploy the code, you can consult the fast eight brother customer service.

At this time visit the site again, you can see multilingual plug-in, a multilingual site will be created!

After installing the plug-in, the first time you visit a Web site, you need to choose the language of translation (for example, the English selected here), and then slowly browse all the web pages (be careful to wait for the translation to complete) so that the dictionary can be generated in the background.

4. Manually modify translation results

If you are not satisfied with some of the translation results, you can click to enter the background, in[website]-> [translation management],

Choice[dictionary Management]Here we can also see the number of words translated by AI

In dictionary management, we canSearch for the content of the site you want to modifyClick[edit]Save after you change it Preview the page again and you can see the corresponding modification effect.